Don’t We All Want a Better Niagara?

Contrary to Curt Harley’s conspiracy theory published as a Letter to the Editor this week in The Voice of Pelham I am not a “FOUNDING MEMBER’ of A Better Niagara. (Although it would be my honour to be able to claim that I am).

Anyone who knows me well must have gotten a giggle to read the claim that I am now a ‘Left Wing’ Conspirator. I am proud of my lifelong commitment to build inclusivity and collaboration among all people in our community despite the forces of hate-mongering that are at work to drive us apart.

I did join the A Better Niagara Facebook Group some time ago and highly recommend that you do so too. Learn why this group of ordinary citizens have become fed up with the state of our Regional government in Niagara.

A Better Niagara is a non-partisan movement organized by volunteers. They receive no funding or support from any political party or labour organization. They simply want better governance.

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