Week by Week and Tweet by Tweet – We promote our Local Community!

Did you Know? Tiger Eye Solutions operates a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter platform that continually promotes the www.MyPelham.com community website? These social media marketing vehicles provide us the opportunity to communicate with internet users and grow our audience locally, regionally and throughout the world.

Our experience with Twitter has been, shall I say, particularly “mind-blowing”. As communications and marketing specialists working in the field of real estate and community development I have orchestrated many, many publicity campaigns during the past twenty five years but never before have we experienced the direct and immediate impact that Twitter delivers.

In Pelham we have so much to “tweet” about. During the past few weeks we have been sending out Twitter messages about a wide range of topics promoting all aspect of Pelham community life. Here is a partial list below: (You can check out all our past tweets at www.twitter.com/mypelham)

• Are you going to15th Annual Pelham Home Show April 16th-18th hosted by our local Fonthill Kinsmen? #fb http://bit.ly/b1yYsX

• Pelham is proud of its thriving Agri-business sector! Please make sure your local farm is on our list: http://bit.ly/dnvgUV

• @TourismNiagara Pelham is the highest elevation in Niagara with lots of hills & scenic vistas http://bit.ly/bCovMB

 • Pelham Think Local marketing campaign -look what’s next: http://bit.ly/9XdBTm

We have also been providing additional promotional support to our community sponsor advertisers – here are a few examples:

• Gallaghers Farm Market is now open! Spring must be here! http://mypelham.com/gallaghersfarmmarket

• Check out Cool Jazz Wednesdays at My Place Bar & Grill in the Fonthill Shopping Plaza: http://mypelham.com/events.php?id=4559

• Check out BcapTV -”Weddings Niagara Style” interview live via Pelham http://bit.ly/bcU7bm

• Welcome Home Mark Georgiev! Director LifeMark Health Clinic in Fonthill. http://bit.ly/9Feft1

What is the truly amazing aspect of Twitter is the ease of passing along simple news blasts by building a following and working with other social media marketers to promote each others messages. It is the ultimate “word-of-mouth” advertising tool – MyPelham tweets it to our followers-they in turn may re-tweet to their followers. Kind of like the old adage about rumours- I tell two friends and they tell two friends and before you know it everyone knows!

So far TourismNiagara, NiagaraParks, EatingNiagara and OntarioCulinary have shared some of our relevant tweets to their followers – a combined total of 5,869 viewers!

If you have a Facebook profile we invite you to stop by for a visit: MyPelham Fan Page Many local residents and business owners check in often to promote special contests and offers and to just chat about our vibrant local community.

Community Portals – Helping You Find it Local

Operating as a community portal, MyPelham.com is designed to be a powerful information resource that provides a one stop opportunity for individuals, community organizations and businesses to interact and connect with whatever is happening in and around Pelham.

At the risk of inviting lawsuits from the internet copyright police I sometimes describe what we are creating as a localized “google” service. While googling is a verb that has become a key part of the vernacular in our digital age it is not actually that useful on a day to day basis to use search engines that identify dry cleaners in Australia!

I invite you to test our MyPelham.com search function instead and start using it to find information about what is available right here in our own backyard.

For example insert the word “Valentine” in the MyPelham.com search function located in the upper left section of our website. Click the “go” tab and you will be amazed to find out about all the Valentine’s Day activities going on in our community:

  • “It’s Love”-Portrait Sessions
  • Valentine’s cooking class at the Wildflower Market Restaurant
  • Niagara Romance Show in support of Aids Niagara
  • myPelham.com’s Valentine’s message contest
  • Paper hearts for sale at the Lazy Loon in support of the Heart & Stroke Niagara
  • Valentine’s dances at the Welland Lions Club on both Fri. Feb 12 & Sat. Feb 13
  • A Capella Niagara is supplying singing Valentines
  • Valentine themed children’s art classes are available on DSBN’s early release day scheduled for Feburary 12th

Check out all the grey drop down menus provided on the upper left side bar of MyPelham.com and you will find many, many quick and useful community links such as:

  • Pelham’s Recycling Schedule
  • Library Information
  • Cycling Routes
  • Seaway Cinema Movie Listings
  • Art and Entertainment Listings (both local and regional)

Take the time to fully explore our community web centre and you will discover that it is full of other important directory listings and web links, resident and visitor information, special savings, contests and coupon offers with continually updated and current content.

Thanks to the amazing support we have received from Pelham residents and business owners, MyPelham.com is fast becoming the fully integrated and inclusive on-line neighbourhood that Melissa and I had originally envisioned and for the past three months have poured heart and soul into creating.  We encourage all local business owners, schools, clubs, organizations, churches and residents to continue to actively participate with us as we keep building an internet resource that fully reflects all aspects of community life in our vibrant Town of Pelham.

Introducing – MyPelham.com!

Our Pelham community is in the process of becoming a fully connected on-line neighbourhood.

 What does this mean?

Parents will be able to register their children for sports or art camps or girl guides with a click of a mouse. Local events like bandshell concerts, turkey raffles, trivia nights, dances, golf tournaments will be posted on the all-inclusive, consolidated MyPelham.com community calendar with listings updated on a continual basis. Social agencies will be provided with free mini-websites on which to promote their services, connect with potential volunteers and receive donations on-line.

Whether you are a resident or visitor from out of town myPelham.com will be your one stop for all aspects relating to life, work and entertainment in the Town of Pelham. As more and more organizations and community members begin to share content , the site will continue to grow and attract more reader interest thereby generating an increasingly higher number of visits each and every week. Local business in turn benefit by having the opportunity to cost-effectively advertise their services, sales events and specials, menus, hours of operation and searchable product listings to a loyal target market audience.

MyPelham.com is a joint venture project of two local companies,Tiger Eye Solutions and Ex Nihilo Web Designs. Tiger Eye Solutions is a boutique marketing company that I recently established in order to expand my strategic marketing services beyond real estate industry applications. Ex Nihilo Web Designs is owned and operated by Melissa Wells, an extremely talented web design professional who also happens to be a committeed locavore and passionate community builder.

Our decision to develop MyPelham.com was not based simply on creating a website, our intention is to approach our project as a “labour of love”;a social enterprise to which we contribute our sweat equity to establish a Community Portal that will provide long term economic development and tourism benefit to our Town and eventually generate sufficient advertising revenue to be a self-sustaining business venture.

And so our journey begins. We invite you to stay tuned and come back often to monitor our progress. Send us your ideas and tell us about your events. Let us know if any listings are missing or inaccurate. Come on board as a business advertiser. MyPelham.com is OUR community on-line.

All the best,

Cathy and Melissa

Cathy Berkhout-Bosse
Editor & Marketing Strategist

Melissa Wells
Web Designer

We welcome submissions from any and all community groups via editor@mypelham.com